You CAN have a blog that looks awesome,
delights your audience and sells like crazy.

I present you:


(Launch: 28 March)

First phase: Niche refinery

You have your blog, now what? I will show you with baby steps how to properly get to know your audience and their problems, allowing that your monetization strategy rely on solutions they are already seeking for; instead of selling something they don't need. Get clarity and be laser focused. We are going to also define the type of strategy according to your audience, budget and knowledge.

Second phase: Start planning, start selling

Now you know what the right path is, what's next? Create the best plan for better results. Every strategy is different, so every plan must be created according to your project outline. [Workbook included]

Third phase: Rain maker

You don't have your product yet, but you need to create desire and get people craving for it. You haven’t confirmed possible collaborations or decided the best platforms, but you have to start creating excitement and little bombs about what's coming next.

  • Worksheets
  • Instructions
  • Tips and ideas
  • Recorded lessons
  • ...And so much more!

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